Lonely? – Being Alone Does Not Need To Be Lonely

lonely alone does not need to be lonely

Lonely? For many women the idea of being alone and lonely is not an attractive one.  We are often faced with many fears if we begin to realise we may need to leave our existing relationship if we open to being honest with ourselves and see our Read more …

How To Feel Abundant Love In Your Life Relationship


At some point in our lives, we come to a maturing when we are authentically ready to go deeper into relationship with another being.  We are truly “feeling into” the possible for “love”. Some of us become confused within this journey as our authentic Read more …

Relationships – Where is the love I am looking for?

where is the love i am looking for?

Most of us as human yearn for fulfilling relationships and most of the time we end feeling less than fulfilled. In fact we are often left questioning “What is love” as if almost skeptical of its existence and most commonly believing that is almost Read more …

Not buying into my story – Balance, the essential element to harmonious life.

balance is essential for a harmonious life

Upon reflecting today I have been touched by my experiences yet again of being human. I often forget that my humanity is inclusive of all my thoughts, my heart, my body, my soul, and just how sensitive and yet highly sophisticated organism called Read more …

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