Reconnecting To Your Self Whole Body Guided Audio Meditation

Whole Body Meditation Mp3 cover

The Whole Body Guided audio meditation is a powerful tool for reconnecting to one's true Self. In this busy world we live in many of us forget to take time out for ourselves to feel into our inner being, our bodies our hearts and actually realise the Continue Reading …

Depression & dealing with depression

dealing with depression with empathy

In this video Kristine details methods and ideas around depression and working with depression relating back to her own personal experiences. Continue Reading …

Not buying into my story – Balance, the essential element to harmonious life.

balance is essential for a harmonious life

Upon reflecting today I have been touched by my experiences yet again of being human. I often forget that my humanity is inclusive of all my thoughts, my heart, my body, my soul, and just how sensitive and yet highly sophisticated organism called Continue Reading …

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