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I have been approached by a fair few of my clients that like to gift psychic readings to their friends.

This is a great idea if you have someone in your life you would like to share a psychic reading with to enable them to see their life path clearer.

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To order a psychic reading for a friend fill in the form below and I will contact you back to make arrangements for pre-payment of their session. Once their session is pre-paid I then will contact the person you gifted the reading to sending them a personal email to organise a session time that suits them.

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  • DY – Darwin AUS

    Wow what a reading and a blessing to find Kristine! My reading was life changing and at the very least awakening. Kristine helped me realised unhealthy behaviours and patterns that I’d held onto from past experiences, which were inhibiting my present and future. She made me feel alive and inspired. Kristine was supportive, frank and warm. She explained things simply and went deeper than expected. Her reading gave the affirmation and strength I needed to move forward with conviction and joy. Thanks Kristine!

  • Testimonial – MK – Australia

    Hi Kristine,

    I would like to say a big thank you! I’m so glad that I came to you for a reading.  Before I spoke to you, I felt like I was on auto-pilot and nothing gave me any joy, particularly after losing my job. My self-esteem was quite low and not confident to face the world.

    But since my reading, I feel a lot more lighter and less stressed about life.  I’m still unemployed but I’ve gained more self-confidence and feel stronger to handle any future challenges life may throw at me.

    Thanks again Kristine!


  • MC – England

    Kristine’s reading for me was very practical, pragmatic and very directly focused on what I needed to hear right now and what I need to do right now. She didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know but somehow hearing it from her was like hearing it for the first time and really listening. The next day I felt a real step change in my life.

  • Sarah Wilson – Sydney/Byron Bay – Wellness Journalist

    As a wellness journalist I have experienced a great many healers over the years. I often get asked, “But who do you personally go to for help?” I’m always happy to say that Kristine is who I choose to see when I need guidance. Kristine has helped steer me through some very difficult decisions for about four years, and always in a manner that’s appropriate and caring and real. Her insight is sharp, but her wisdom is extraordinarily grounded and real. As I tell people, “She ‘gets it’.” I recently experienced one of her body work healings,which took things to a new level.

    Sarah Wilson –

  • Psychic Testimonial – Editor, Living Now Magazine

    Elizabeth Jewell Stephens, Editor, LivingNow Magazine psychic reading

    Kristine is a remarkable reader who taps into a deeper level than most, from my experience. She calls her readings ‘life path’ readings, and it is true that she seems to have the uncanny ability to talk to the soul and relay its messages, laced with her own wisdom. They are therefore so much more profound and useful. My experience with her was foreshadowed by a series of dreams I had a few days previously. After listening to Kristine, I realised that one by one she was saying the same things that the dreams had said to me. This served to not only underscore for me the need to heed the dream messages, but also that Kristine is the ‘real deal’, since I believe – and much past experience has proven it to my satisfaction – that my soul communicates with me via the dream state too.

    Elizabeth Jewell Stephens, Editor, Living Now Magazine

  • Coco Reynolds – Ireland

    I first went to see Kristine about 8 years ago, I was actually booked to see someone else but it did not feel right so I canceled & put it out there that I wanted someone really good,My phone rang & it was a friend that had an appointment with Kristine (the same time I was meant to have my other appointment) but could not make it, I went to see her and she was a tremendous help to me and I listened to her recording of her session many time & it helped me through a difficult break up with the father of my child & move back to Ireland.I have since been to see her many times and had numerous phone sessions from Ireland.I have recommended her to lots of my Family and friends and they have all found her to be excellent.I have also had heavenly Lomi Lomi Massages from her and they truly are bliss,I have never come across anything like it.On one of my visits to Australia,My Aunt accompanied me and we both went to have massages from Kristine, My Aunt commented that it was worth coming all the way to Australia just for a treatment with Kristine.I would highly recommend her to anybody thinking of having a session with her.

    all the best
    Coco Reynolds

  • ML Manly NSW

    I was blown away by the accuracy of my reading!! Amazing work! ML – Manly NSW

  • Anonymous

    I am always happy to provide a testimonial for Kristine. I connect with Kristine when life gets a little shaky or when I just need some help clarifying my thoughts and I always come away feeling calmer, having more clarity and with a more solid sense of self and the direction I am heading. I would highly recommend a reading with Kristine to anyone.

  • M McAuley

    Kristine is the most inspiring person I have ever had a reading from.  As sometimes happens, my ‘state of flux’ on some issues got sorted once I had asked for help. So that’s all cool, but just love what she has to say anyway!

  • ER – Sydney

    I came to Kristine for guidance around a number of areas of my life, after she was highly recommended to me by a good friend. Being a psychologist I have been trying a number of different ways to move forward – some of which have been helpful, some which have not. As a psychic Kristine provided a very unique healing experience as she had highly accurate insights into my behaviour and emotional patterns, and provided practical ways in which I could work on these things and move forward. I found Kristine to be a very empathetic and nurturing person – she is highly intuitive and delivers her wisdom in a way that is both kind and direct. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance and is open to different ways of healing.

  • TB Perth WA

    I utilise various modalities to continually assess my level of effectiveness. Kristine is one such source. ‘Clarity and Insight’ this is what she provides. I have a least one reading each year. Kristine builds rapport quickly, asked clever questions to draw more out and put things ‘on the table’ in a way that you are more willing to look at and process. Kristine also appropriately shares her personal stories during the session. This I believe adds value to the stages of Awareness and Acceptance. Kristine is the real deal, is clear, straight and respectful with what she offers up.

  • Anonymous

    Your reading provided me with lots of clarity about myself and what I need to do to move forward. Thank you so much.

  • Ross F – South Australia

    Kristine is a gifted person who is intuitively sensitive about the past, present and future. I have had readings before and Kristine is the person I now deal with exclusively for her awareness is extremely accurate and speaks for itself. I would recommend her to anyone who is open to learning more about themselves and who is genuinely on a quest for understanding.

  • CT – Victoria, Australia

    Thank you so much for my reading Kristine. Finally I have been able to connect with and understand when someone tells me to stop being so hard on myself but instead accept who I am and nurture my way of living. I don’t feel afraid to live life anymore. You have taught me to trust and love who I am and now I am so excited to deal with life and with what is thrown my way. I can’t thank you enough. I feel like I can finally breath. xo

  • Natalia C. – B.C. Canada

    “My reading with Kristine was amazing. I feel as though she looked past all my fear and clutter, and she started to talk directly to my soul. She then proceeded to touch on every single area of my life I’ve been thinking about using my own words. I actually got goosebumps a few times because of how ‘on the ball’ she was. Kristine is honest, sensitive and supportive through the session. I felt instantly at home with her, and I felt very comfortable opening up and asking her any questions.  Aside from being a  very capable intuitive, she is also a very gifted coach offering life education and life skills that are in line with your soul. This is not some woo-woo stuff; it is about living in this practical and materialistic world while following your dreams and the guidance of your soul. I will definitely book my follow up session with her.”

    Natalia C. – B.C. Canada

  • LF – Victoria – Australia

    Kristine’s are accurate and I love her honesty and forthrightness. Her counselling skills are invaluable for those going through periods of change and turbulence.

  • Tina W – Arizona

    Kristine is a gifted psychic conduit that guides you to the truth within your own self.

    Her psychic ability to tap into your energy and assist you towards awareness of a more authentic space within your life experiences is a true blessing.  The true soul path psychic readings and guidance psychic readings have helped me to understand and validate where I am on my journey and to flow more into “being” with all experiences and feelings without labeling them good or bad.

    Her genuine and caring spirit overflows into her work as she deeply cares about your path to healing and wholeness.  I feel blessed to have her assistance during such a transformative (and challenging) time in my life.

  • S.K. Melbourne

    I found Kristine through a recommendation, so feel even happier to write another. At the perfect time Kristine spoke with me in a very caring, friendly and relaxed way about where I was in my life – with great insight, compassion and care.

    Kristine spoke in a very compassionate way, reminding me about what I needed to focus on at this moment to regain the balance and calmness I was seeking – her insight was extraordinary, she has a obvious intuitive soul connection.  Kristine was very clear in highlighting options available now to me, that have been right in front of me, but I needed to be reminded. The time we spent together was very positive and nourishing. It was an enriching conversation.

  • HannahM. – NSW Australia

    Thank you Kristine, I happy to provide a psychic reading testimonial!

    I was unsure of what to expect in my first reading with Kristine. Overall I was hoping for some direction and some clarification about my life and the decisions I was being faced with. Kristine was incredibly articulate in communicating some of the core reasons that were impacting on some of my concerns. She identified the underlying patterns that were contributing to some of my behaviors – they were specific to me and resonated completely. Kristine was able to tap into issues that I have not really even had the space to think about myself. The reading is done in safe and supportive manner and Kristine not only talked about the “what” but also the “how”. So often people can identify problems and concerns but have no idea about how to start addressing them. Kristine gave me practical advice on how to confront some of my fears and worries. I would certainly talk to Kristine again and have no hesitation in recommending her for anyone who is feeling like they need some direction or are looking for insight into their lives.

    Thanks again Kristine.

  • CJBarnaby – NSW Australia

    Kristine recommended a bodywork session for me and I accepted. I have learned not to expect the ‘norm’ from Kristine as her intuitive ways are exceptionally highly tuned. I lay face down on the table however and wondered to myself what I would be opening to this time.

    Kristine’s gentle bodywork style gently opened me into deep relaxation. I went into a deep silent headspace that my soul enjoyed. I was unaware for moments and my body went into a deep trust space easily with her.

    Later I changed to work on my front and Kristine intuitively helped me discover blockages within my soul as reflected in my body around my fear of power and how that had manifested in my life. She personally took me deep into the spaces with compassion and empathy allowing me to release negative disserving patterns easily. The session was the perfect length allowing me to release positively and be with myself and my needs.

    I wholly recommend Kristine for bodywork. It amazed me how much I had stored inside and when allowed the space to release transformed me in ways that unfold into making my life more whole.

    I am looking forward to doing a reading with her soon as I know intuitively that what will come through will definitely assist me in seeing my path clearly in life.

  • CC – Wellington

    NZ Thank you soo much for the reading today. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and am really excited about what the rest of my life is going to bring now. You have such a warm and reassuring manner – I felt supported and open to everything you said. I love that you didn’t sugar coat things and you picked up the personality traits I have that are holding me back and then gave me practical solutions for breaking the patterns. I’m sure there will be other times in my life when I need a little guidance and a bit of a push and so it is soo lovely to have found you and to know I can just have a session with you to help me through. I would definitely recommend you to friends. All the best

  • Anonymous

    What a great reading! Kristine was warm and kind and seemed to have a genuine interest in my journey and the path I was taking. She was also very accurate about a number of things and has a good deal of insight! I would definitely recommend having a reading with her to others!

  • CS, Victoria, Australia

    Instantly some key issues were brought up that were playing on my mind. Some language that I had been using to describe someone was repeated back to me in the session which was quite surprising and enabled me to feel more confident with the information that was being relayed – that and the session was very accurate in pin pointing some feelings and behaviours that I have had over the last months. I look forward to having Kristine becoming a regular consulting and guidance person to assist in getting clarification with issues that life throws up or helping get rid of the roadblocks that I put in my own way. Thanks Kristine. CS, Victoria, Australia

  • Jane Taylor – Gold Coast, Australia – Psychic Reading Testimonial

    Well what can I say – Kristine is an insightful and gentle soul who has supported me over the years on my journey to well-being. I have been fortunate enough to have had bodywork sessions as well as psychic readings with Kristine and each time I went away feeling more alive and connected to who I truly am. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kristine as she truly cares about you and your well-being.

  • LJ NSW Australia

    I had a session with Kristine earlier today and in one conversation she was able to completely change my perspective on some things that were dragging me down. I was feeling like I was in an emotional rut and Kristine was able to gently and lovingly show me a completely different way at looking at things. Kristine has a gift at getting to the heart of the matter. I’m still feeling a little emotionally raw after my session today but i’m definitely feel better and clearer about the next step in my life. Kristine has taught me to not be so hard on myself, and instead take a kinder, gentler approach. It’s exactly what i needed to hear. Kristine is a wise, supportive and loving soul and I’d highly recommend her.

  • KB NSW Australia

    My reading gave my confidence in where I was headed in life. In wasn’t about giving me the answers, it was about giving me guidance to find the answers path. I felt like I had a counselling session with someone who was ‘in the know’. KB NSW Australia.

  • CKapur – Victoria

    What I loved about the session with Kristine is that she translated what my soul was trying to convey to me and I had been avoiding or finding hard to understand fully. The conversation also was focused on the single most important thing I need to do for myself. And that clarity is exactly what I was after. You know in your heart that it feels right. It gives you the strength and courage to power on… and you know you’re in the right direction, which is a wonderful feeling.

    Thanks Kristine.

  • BC – ACT Australia

    ” I enjoyed my session with Kristine. I was able to cement thoughts and goals from feedback from our session. I am looking forward to returning to the recording to gleam more insights as I move forward. Thank you, Kristine “

  • RP – NSW Australia

    I connected with Kristine

  • DE (location Anonymous)

    Kristine is thoroughly insightful. She offers & discusses real world solutions & actions. She is excellent to getting to the heart of your problem & providing relevant insights to help & allow you to move forward. DE

  • Cate – Geneva Switzerland

    Thank you so much for the reading last week. I was truly blown away by how much you tapped into the ‘real’ me. Everything you said resonated with me on a very deep level and I have been feeling calmer and more settled since. While I feel I have been beginning to open myself up to many of the things you talked about, you really confirmed my true direction. I now feel much more in tune with what’s going on inside me, much of which I have tended to resist in the past on account of external pressures. So, a huge thank you!

    I’m loving the Awakening to the Divine Feminine Guided Meditation too!
    Have a lovely week.
  • Des T – Sydney, Australia

    Before my reading with Kristine I did not know what to expect and was highly confused about my life and where I was heading. Once my reading with Kristine began I instantly was amazed and nicely surprised at how insightful she was and how much she knew when even though I had not even spoken to her! I would highly recommend Kristine to anyone who is wanting to connect to their soul and get a glimpse of what their destiny is. She is warm, understanding and answers any questions openly and honestly. I will definitely look forward to another session with her.

  • R. Bianchi, Greece
    This comes to me as a description and my experience of your gentile guidance.

    “We shall not cease from exploration,
    and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started 
    and know the place for the first time.
    A condition of complete simplicity

    (Costing not less than everything.)”

                                                          T. S. Eliot
  • AB – Manila, Philippines

    Kristine emanates warmth and sincerity. Even through a voice recording, this is clear. Her guidance, well, wow- she helped dissolve the noise and have me hear myself again. If you’re experiencing any internal contradictions, conflicts, confusion- I recommend Kristine in assisting to gently but effectively lift these clouds and restore you to your truth.

  • TB Perth WA

    ” I utilise various modalities to continually assess my level of effectiveness. Kristine is one such source. ‘Clarity and Insight’ this is what she provides. I have a least one reading each year. Kristine builds rapport quickly, asked clever questions to draw more out and put things ‘on the table’ in a way that you are more willing to look at and process. Kristine also approximately shares her personal stories during the session. This I believe adds value to the stages of Awareness and Acceptance. Kristine is the real deal,is clean, straight and respectful with what she offers up.

  • John Hale – Teacher of Sacred Sexuality – Byron Bay

    Kristine is a gift. I have never met a more talented, available and caring intuitive practitioner. Kristine came to me highly recommended and I have no hesitation in reaffirming the same. She is a world leader in light work and healing.

  • J Brown – Sydney

    Kristine came highly recommended so it was no suprise that she delivered with a such a professional and warm approach.

    What was a welcome suprise was the depth of her perception and ability to impart information from a very high level of consciousness.

    Kristine’s reading has had an incredibly profound impact on how i percieve my life choices and in fact has had a direct and positive influence on how much i m now opening to the changes afoot.

    I’d highly recommend her for her guidance and her directness – she truly is in flow with the path of your soul. Put your seatbelt on cos your in for the ride of your life!

  • Anonymous

    Kristine’s insightful guidance supported me to see more of my truth and be real with who I am and what I want my life to be about. Empowerment!

  • KH – Victoria Australia

    I feel my session with Kristine was very beneficial. It clarified some areas in my life that needed addressing, and also reaffirmed some thoughts I’d been having about new directions in my life. Kristine was very supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental. I would highly recommend a session with her. KH – Victoria Australia

  • JHS – Byron Bay – Australia

    ” Thank you so much for today… I can’t even tell u how deep a shift i have felt already. Within that first ten minutes I was very uncomfortable… until i let go. And what unfolded was as authentic as it gets. You are truly incredible. To take me to such a deeply hidden place which i keep so well guarded – so quickly. With a respectful domination of sorts. To allow me to drop it. And not allow me not to. Thank you – from deep inside myself. From the part that wants to see more light. She sends you gratitude with magnitude! Much love… i’m know i’ll be in touch again – i already want to refer you to every single person I love x JHS – Byron Bay – Australia “

  • K – USA

    ” My Readings with Kristine have been helpful and supportive. I’ve listened to the recordings many times and feel again and again how affirming they are to my already unfolding path. Kristine is very “Now” focused and I appreciate that. She is very kind and loving. “

  • JP – Sydney, Australia

    I was very very happy with the reading I had with Kristine.

    While I was a little apprehensive about a reading over Skype initially, I was immediately put at ease with Kristine’s warm and friendly nature.

    The reading itself was very informative… a little confronting at times, but something I resonated with from start to finish.

    Kristine has a lovely manner in her ability to communicate clearly to ensure I really got it.

    I also really love having a copy of the reading that I can listen to at any time.

    I will definitely have another reading with Kristine in the future.

    JP – Sydney, Australia

  • KP – Sydney

    I was initially a bit reluctant about having a psychic reading, but now I am glad that I went ahead with my session. I really enjoyed my reading with Kristine. Kristine helped me understand the state of my affairs in my life. She is very calm, composed and possesses a beautiful ability of deeply connecting with your thoughts. She is very honest with her advice. Kristine thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me understand myself. Stay blessed!

    KP Sydney

  • MA – VIC Australia

    I had a intuitive reading with Kristine about 3 months ago and i found it fascinating & uplifting.

    I received an audio recording of our session & I have listened to it on several occasions picking up more each time I listen to it.

    I found Kristine to be very insightful & her energy very warm, compassionate & generous.

    I am thankful that I connected with Kristine.

    MA – VIC Australia

  • MDS Sydney Australia

    Thank you for a fantastic email reading. I loved that you were honest, while helping me see the positive of a difficult situation. You answered my questions and provided sufficient detail. You’re an excellent reader, and I will be recommending you.

  • YC Tas Australia

    I have spent the past year or so feeling like I’ve been walking around under a black cloud. Kristine helped me to see clearly everything that was going on in my life. The reading was spot-on and Kristine was just lovely to talk to – very warm and compassionate. I finished our call feeling lighter and infinitely calmer. I will definitely call on her again in the future.

  • GS NSW, Australia – Psychic Reading Testimonial

    I found Kristine to be very caring and compassionate in my reading, especially when the need arose for her to advise me about a rather painful issue. I felt both nurtured and understood throughout the entire reading. I also felt very comfortable and at no disadvantage having my reading done via email. Thank you Kristine. GS NSW, Australia

  • SC – Maldives

    Hi Kristine,

    I just wanted to send you a quick email and say thank you so much for your kind words and the session today. I feel so much calmer now and you managed to articulate everything I was feeling and then provide some wonderful and very helpful advice. I am very grateful for the reminder to let go, surrender, have faith and have fun with the process!

    You have a wonderful gift and I am so glad that I’ve been able to share in it and benefit from your lovely way. I always think it’s great to check in and get some feedback, and even nicer when it’s provided by such a warm and loving person!

    Sally xo

  • SP Vic – Australia

    Hi Kristine,
    Such a heartfelt thank you to you for your reading yesterday. I’m so, soooo grateful for your gift and that your are able and willing to use it for the healing of others, and how blessed that I ‘stumbled’ upon you just at a time when I was searching for support and guidance in a form I knew would be rare, but not impossible.

    Thank you with all my heart and soul.
    I really look forward to listening to the recording again at least once more to let the key messages ‘stick’ to me a little more.
    One thing that’s really stuck with me is that you picked up on and articulated the part of me that feels/has felt/sometimes feels so reluctant to be ‘earth-bound’; even with what’s so beautiful in a human experience, that part that feels so fatigued and weighted and challenged and even a little ‘moody’ about ‘being here’. Even with the wonderful and very high quality spiritual support I have in my life currently, it’s still something I’ve never been able to express (I don’t like to create any waves but even if I didn’t have such a resistance to that – how would one even describe that to another human being??!!) and hearing you pick up on and express it so clearly and effortlessly felt like a major relief that I’m not a lunatic, and also seen, which is usually all that any anxious part seems to need in order to release it’s grip, or begin to in a significant way. I feel the release of the anxiety around that part already, and will continue to work with it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Grateful, grateful, super grateful.

    Many blessings to you!


    Psychic Reading Testimonial – SP Vic – Australia

  • Anonymous

    I really loved my session with Kristine. I was blown away by how accurate all her comments were in relation to my current situation. She was able to straight away pinpoint areas that I have been struggling with for some time and in a way that completely resonated with me. She provided me with clarity and insight and put many things into perspective. She was professional throughout the session, compassionate and understanding as well as to the point which I really liked. I would definitely recommend a session with Kristine and am sure I will be seeking her insight and wisdom again in the future.

  • Cath – Randwick NSW

    Kristine has a very gentle way of broaching some challenging areas… very nurturing… was like having a chat with a friend, although we’d never conversed until today.

    She reaffirmed that I am on the right life path and overall was really very positive. I am considering making the changes we discussed as I believe very deeply that she is absolutely spot on! I will recommend her to all my friends and loved ones… a special soul. Cath – Randwick NSW

  • NM NSW Australia

    Kristine’s reading was very precise and insightful. She was very easy going and supportive during our session. The information provided was very clear and specific. She is very gifted and I would not hesitate to recommend her highly.

  • J Ryan – Sydney

    I just want to thank Kristine again for an amazing reading!!… Kristine was so accurate and touched me so deeply and hit me exactly where it need to… I would like to have another reading again one day.

    Warmest wishes, J :-)

  • Anonymous

    The difference I found between you and other psychics is that your emphasis is what I need to change in myself in order to change my life, i.e, take responsibility and be proactive. Other psychics just tell you what will happen in the near future and your role is passive. Being an active participant makes more sense. Gaining the tools to create the life you want are an important gift.

  • JHS – Byron Bay – Australia

    Thank you so much for today… I can’t even tell you how deep a shift i have felt already. Within that first ten minutes I was very uncomfortable… until i let go. And what unfolded was as authentic as it gets. You are truly incredible. To take me to such a deeply hidden place which i keep so well guarded – so quickly. With a respectful domination of sorts. To allow me to drop it. And not allow me not to. Thank you – from deep inside myself. From the part that wants to see more light. She sends you gratitude with magnitude! Much love… i’m know i’ll be in touch again – i already want to refer you to every single person I love x JHS

  • Tania Gold Coast QLD Australia

    I have had numerous reading with Kristine over a period of ten years. I reach out to Kristine at times when life is becoming stressful and I am emotionally not able to cope. I have found that when I sit through a session my mind and body becomes calmer and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can only explain it like a penny drops. It happens on a level that is hard for me to put words to – but I just get it. The last session I had with Kristine I was close to losing my life as I had endure extreme stress with losing a friend of 30yrs in traumatic circumstances and a new relationship ending all in the matter of a couple of days. I was already completely exhausted and worn down physically with adrenal exhaustion. I was depressed and overwhelmed by my circumstances. This really was my lowest point. Kristine spent a long time with me making sure I understood what she was saying. It was hard as I really was not in a good space and didn’t want to hear what she was saying. I felt angry at life and everyone Kristine included. She managed to do her magic once again and after the session I felt different as I have often experience after a session with her. So much so that I decided to go onto utube and watch laughing babies for an hour or more. Then I made an effort to watch more positive thinking and comedy utube clips for the rest of the night. Finally after a 4 month period I was starting to see the lightness in life and others again. I can happily report that I am now improving in my health and my emotions are much healthier as I have found acceptance and peace from all that has happened. I listen to Kristines session 3 times afterwards and every time it helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself. Kristine has become a part of my life over the years – she is my life coach and confidant. Her guidance is always just what I need to hear at the time. I have recommended many friends to her and will continue to do so. She is direct and clear in her communication. She also has a caring approach and is compassionate to my situations every time I have reached out to her. Thankyou once again for being in my life Kristine. Many sweet blessing to you.

    Tania Gold Coast QLD Australia

  • CC – Wellington, NZ

    ” Thank you sooo much for the reading today. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and am really excited about what the rest of my life is going to bring now. You have such a warm and reassuring manner – I felt supported and open to everything you said. I love that you didn’t sugar coat things and you picked up the personality traits I have that are holding me back and then gave me practical solutions for breaking the patterns. I’m sure there will be other times in my life when I need a little guidance and a bit of a push and so it is sooo lovely to have found you and to know I can just have a session with you to help me through. I would definitely recommend you to friends. All the best “

  • JParsons – Central Indonesia

    Kristine is an exceptionally intuitive, gifted psychic with a unique ability to connect with the her clients’ true soul frequency. Through this connection, she is able to offer genuine and profound insights that resonate deeply as the unmistakable truth. Connecting with one’s own truth, as Kristine allows offers liberation, relief and reassurance that helps us shift, ease, accept and move beyond any persistent patterns that promote negativity or disconnectedness. It is a true gift that Kristine shares with the world. I have recommended many friends to connect with Kristine and they have since become return clients themselves. They always write back thanking me for connecting them with Kristine and relaying with enthusiasm how much they gained from their sessions with her. I have personally seen Kristine every couple of months since my first session and I find it is always a unique blessing. Kristine helps keep my ship steered on the truest course.

  • Virginia D – Queensland Australia

    Initially I was a bit sceptical about whether or not Kristine really had tapped into my soul, but very shortly into the call what she was saying touched a deep unexpected emotional well within me, everything she said made sense and the realisations I had about what was really keeping me stuck were profound. by the end of the call I felt lighter, although drained, and the physical effects of my shift were noticeable throughout the day. I woke up the next day feeling more free and energised than a have in a long time, and with a clarity and a freedom around being true to myself and what what I want to create that I have not felt before. I will definitely be coming back – thank you, from the bottom my heart Kristine.

  • Rose D, Byron Bay

    After years of feeling hollow, sad and sometimes depressed I felt the need for some guidance so I asked for someone to come to me. I was referred to see Kristine by a friend who told me how great she was in her field as an Intuitive Healer. I immediately felt safe and comfortable with Kristine as she began to share with me how the session would go. I was scared a little at what would come up but also excited to hear what she had to say. I was overwhelmed at how much she knew about me without me telling her anything.  Kristine was so spot on with how my  life up till now has been and gave me really good tools to use to go out in the world and make my life a happier place to exist in. Since seeing Kristine I feel so much calmer and happier within myself and able to take on lifes hurdles so much easier than I had done so before.

  • JW USA

    ” I’ve had three readings with Kristine and what I really love about our sessions is that she always hooks into the core issue that I am wrestling with right away. The one thing that I am struggling with and won’t admit to myself or dare say aloud is brought to the surface at the beginning of the conversation. It feels somewhat like ripping off that dreaded old band-aid. It feels really good to have someone help me bring these things up so I can walk through the issue with her and work on understanding myself and my issue more deeply. I finish our conversations empowered with a better understanding about how to move forward for myself. This knowledge for me has been invaluable. “

  • D. Arron – USA

    Having seen and spoken to various psychics around the world over the last twenty years, Kristine is one of the only ones that I continue to consult with. For two reasons: her view into me and what’s happening with me has always resonated well. What she says makes sense. Moreover, it’s useful. As well her articulation, and her view of the world, is uplifting and empowering. I can take what she says, apply it to myself and feel that it’s all contributing to me better serving myself, family, community and the world. I highly recommend her.

  • Giles – Los Angeles – California USA

    Thank you so much for our session yesterday. Aside from being more open, connected and and generally lighter, I’ve found myself referencing our session.

    I get an e-mail like the one below daily. General positive reminders. I found today’s message particularly timely and relevant.

    With warm regards and tremendous gratitude,

    Subject: Today’s Gift – 03/15/2012
    Reply-To: TodaysGift@——.info

    Today’s thought from Hazelden is:

    What we lack are not scientists but poets and people to reveal to the heart what the heart is ready to receive.
    –Joseph Campbell

  • LF Gold Coast

    I found Kristine’s reading amazing and accurate at the time of our meeting.

    I felt that she gave me deeper insight to the journey I am on and where and what to do by trusting my intuition.

    I would highly recommend Kristine for anyone who wants clarity and understanding or feeling challenged with uncertainty.

… join my numerous happy clients!


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