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Psychic readings are a time trusted method to find true happiness and a more clear path in life.

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You have come to the right place for professional psychic readings services.

Welcome. Are you eager to work out some pressing life issue, interested in finding your true love, or to find a better way to relate in your current relationship?

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My name is Kristine and I am ready to serve you with readings trusted since 1991.

If you are ready to face with an open heart situations that we all experience:

  • unhappy in your current relationship?
  • searching for a ‘true love’ relationship?
  • is your current relationship is good for you?
  • wondering why you are afraid to love?
  • are you asking, “where has my sexual energy gone?”
  • are you wondering, “why does my partner not understand me?”
  • moving through hard life issues?
  • feeling like you are in emotional distress?
  • feeling like your life is at a cross roads?
  • facing a stressful health issue?
  • facing hard financial issues?
  • facing a career change or issues at work?
  • experiencing abuse or victimization?
  • are you asking,”why has my relationship broken down?”
  • are you wondering,”why am I so lonely?”
  • are you experiencing confusion in daily life?
  • are you dealing with grief or loss?
  • are you wondering… “why can’t I get the break I need?”
  • are you feeling its time for spiritual growth?
If you are ready to completely understand why situations like these are happening in your life then that is my service to you.

To help you gently open your heart and soul to grow easily.

How do I serve you in a psychic session?

real psychic readingsI am often booked in advance.

Contact me to discuss spaces available for people like you whom are serious about personal growth.


Psychic Readings Testimonials

  • Anonymous

    Your reading provided me with lots of clarity about myself and what I need to do to move forward. Thank you so much.

  • AB – Manila, Philippines

    Kristine emanates warmth and sincerity. Even through a voice recording, this is clear. Her guidance, well, wow- she helped dissolve the noise and have me hear myself again. If you’re experiencing any internal contradictions, conflicts, confusion- I recommend Kristine in assisting to gently but effectively lift these clouds and restore you to your truth.

  • Virginia D – Queensland Australia

    Initially I was a bit sceptical about whether or not Kristine really had tapped into my soul, but very shortly into the call what she was saying touched a deep unexpected emotional well within me, everything she said made sense and the realisations I had about what was really keeping me stuck were profound. by the end of the call I felt lighter, although drained, and the physical effects of my shift were noticeable throughout the day. I woke up the next day feeling more free and energised than a have in a long time, and with a clarity and a freedom around being true to myself and what what I want to create that I have not felt before. I will definitely be coming back – thank you, from the bottom my heart Kristine.

  • MC – England

    Kristine’s reading for me was very practical, pragmatic and very directly focused on what I needed to hear right now and what I need to do right now. She didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know but somehow hearing it from her was like hearing it for the first time and really listening. The next day I felt a real step change in my life.

  • Cath – Randwick NSW

    Kristine has a very gentle way of broaching some challenging areas… very nurturing… was like having a chat with a friend, although we’d never conversed until today.

    She reaffirmed that I am on the right life path and overall was really very positive. I am considering making the changes we discussed as I believe very deeply that she is absolutely spot on! I will recommend her to all my friends and loved ones… a special soul. Cath – Randwick NSW

  • Anonymous

    I am always happy to provide a testimonial for Kristine. I connect with Kristine when life gets a little shaky or when I just need some help clarifying my thoughts and I always come away feeling calmer, having more clarity and with a more solid sense of self and the direction I am heading. I would highly recommend a reading with Kristine to anyone.

  • Anonymous

    I really loved my session with Kristine. I was blown away by how accurate all her comments were in relation to my current situation. She was able to straight away pinpoint areas that I have been struggling with for some time and in a way that completely resonated with me. She provided me with clarity and insight and put many things into perspective. She was professional throughout the session, compassionate and understanding as well as to the point which I really liked. I would definitely recommend a session with Kristine and am sure I will be seeking her insight and wisdom again in the future.

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professional psychic readingsA special hint for you… If you choose to sign up to my newsletters when you make your reading session enquiry today you will get subscriber session pricing which is $50 AUD off casual session pricing. In reality this means I give you $50 AUD just for joining my newsletters!

Now you may be wondering why I would give that much off for joining?

Think of it this way… I get to email you special subscriber pricing for sessions, relaxing guided audio or book specials and notifications of new and interesting information all about consciousness and living easily that I feel will help you on your path to enlightenment.

My purpose is to help you on the path to true fulfilling love and happiness as others have helped me!

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Other Session Details

Psychic readings sessions are available for any timezone no matter where you are in the world.

  • Reading sessions are conducted via land line telephone or Skype.
  • Skype is often preferred as we meet face to face on video.
  • Telephone readings work just the same although you can’t see me or I you.
  • Reading sessions are recorded to Mp3 Audio and sent via email afterwards
  • Sessions average over 1 hour in length according to need.
  • Sessions can be booked singularly or in multiples for support during intense life transitions

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