What Is Intuition? Part 3

Once you are honestly available, which will feel vulnerable as essentially you are now available for the unknown. You are open to receiving. You are no longer in charge you are just their to accept.

Ask your intuition your life questions.

Always remember to ask simple questions, without your desires attached.
Which looks something like these examples:

  • Is this new job appropriate for me at this time?
  • Is this new love partnership healthy for me and in alignment with my heart?
  • Is this decision to invest financially appropriate at this point in time?
  • If I choose to help this person right now, is this going to be of assistance to them?
  • If I choose to help this person right now will this be alignment for my highest good?
  • Would it be appropriate for me to let go of this situation right now (whether job, relationship, family members………whatever is arising in your question……
  • Is what my doctor telling me about my health totally true? Do I need to open to more support from other levels?
  • Is this food healthy for my body right now?
  • Is what I am doing in my life right now, helping me to thrive?
  • Is my life my needing to change?
  • Am I needing to rest right now and just let go and BE?
  • Is the information this person telling me correct and appropriate for me right now?
  • What is my next step right now? (only expect one step, not 10 years worth, it does not work that way)…..

So you see some examples of how to ask questions. The more simply you ask the questions then the more easily an intuitive answer can arise. You will get a clearer Sense when you keep it simple and you will not confuse yourself.

The next step is to Sensitize To What Arises Unconditionally.

Your sense of what is intuition can arise in a number of ways:

A gut feeling of feeling either contracted and nervous, an obvious sign of it not sitting well with yourself. You are not in alignment with this flow you are actually going against the current, resisting your flow which is why you will feel uncomfortable, recognise this for what it is, your body is trying to tell you something.

The body is a portal for intuition.

When you feel good, this shows you are in flow, when not feeling good, you are not in flow. It is that simple. Even if the message seems a little awkward for you to let in, because it might actually say to “let go” instead of hanging on, when you really check for yourself, really let it in, there will come relief. Relief is healthy, it is an opening. The opposite to staying in tension. You feel lighter and more spacious for having let the truth in, even if it wasn’t what you expected.

Let go of all your ideas, your wants and your desires.

Do not analyse the intuitive message as good or bad, just let it in uncensored, without your spin on it. Realise you do not know what is best for you, your mind is not able to see all the possibilities however you inner understanding of what is intuition is in touch with the bigger picture. Be honest enough to realise this. Otherwise if you are not willing to let go of your ideas then you will not hear your intuition.

  • So sensing, letting in, if may be in the form of words, usually a simple yes, or no, or only a few simple sentences. It is never too much or over the top.
  • A picture, which is abstract but may be a direct reference.
  • Just a sense, and abstract sense, and inner knowing, trust it, it may not be overly defined, but very subtle, this is intuition, very refined energy.
  • A vision

Any sense whether hearing, seeing or feeling, basically whatever arises is your guidance.

Do not dismiss it! If you do not understand it, then just sit with it, take space to just let in sink in. You will know if it connects or not, because you can feel when it does. It is like a basic recognition of yourself and knowing really what is best for you beyond your logic. When in alignment It Is Obvious!

Sit with your message let it connect, if action is necessary most of the time you feel inspired to do this, so there is no effort, just a sense of flow that actually really moves you as that is where your energy really wants to go…

Always take your time before you act, there is never any rush. If it is the truth it just sinks in deeper until it becomes just so obvious it is undeniable. The truth will be part of you in the end for it is you anyway. You cannot lose the truth. It will only keep revealing itself over again and again until you listen. So relax, you cannot miss.

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