Feminine Guided Meditation : Awakening To The Divine Feminine

Often you may not realise that you are not alone on your journey as many of us experience suffering and life difficulties in the same ways.

feminine guided meditationWe have similar experiences and often don’t recognise that there is in fact a way to move beyond our suffering to gently open to our hearts and soften to a healthier way of being in ourself and within life.  The Feminine is receptive.  Many of us women have forgotten to nurture themselves and reconnect with their hearts.

For a woman her heart is her major centre.

Commonly in today’s busy world we often neglect our hearts yearning in order to get the job done.

This creates a disconnect from our body, heart and soul, leaving us restless and discontented.

You might notice the results of this manifesting in your life…

feminine guided meditationDo you sometimes feel a desperation in craving love and attention?

feminine guided meditationAre you experiencing a loss of sexual desire and feeling desirable?

feminine guided meditationDo you often feeling lonely and depressed?

feminine guided meditationAre you left feeling unfulfilled in your relationships?

feminine guided meditationDo you feel unable to let go and ask for what you really need?

feminine guided meditationDo you feel you are unable to attract a deep and meaningful relationship?
[ Often this one can manifest as a vicious circle of pain and suffering that sometimes we can stay locked in for years.
Until you are willing to come within your self and actually start to love yourself back to fullness from within your heart. ]

Imagine unlocking the power of your own heart, realising the love we crave is the actual natural call to start to learn to love your self and in in doing so learning to open to love again.

Your heart is where love flows from…

…and it also where you receive love into your self.

If your heart is closed you are then stuck in the dilemma of wanting love but unable to let it in and let flow through you.

This results in a complete void and lack lustre sense and experience of life.

For a women literally her “light” goes out and she is no longer able to radiate, or be radiant, which in essence is the heart energy flowing.

This is your naturally attractive state and allows you to manifest the love in your life that you truly desire in a healthy way.

If this energy is not flowing then your life will not be abundant with the love you crave.

how to attract abundant love mp3My name is Kristine and over the 20 years in sharing sessions with people, women have been a particular focus for me.

During many professional sessions women have shared their issues with me.

feminine guided meditationI had the honor of gaining valuable skills to navigate the particular issues that commonly arise for women and simple effective ways to help ourselves best overcome these challenges.

I created the Awakening the Divine Feminine Guided Meditation Audio as a focus on women’s issues focusing on some of the more in depth processes that all women experience.

Awakening the Divine Feminine Guided Meditation Audio helps you to remember how to connect to your heart again.

Learn how to open gently through old wounds and emotional trauma stored in your body and reconnect fully with your heart.

When you are open to your heart a powerfully transformative process will take place shifting your whole consciousness and awareness to effortlessly melt resistances and blockages in the body, heart, mind allowing that loving energy to flow freely.

You will learn how to channel your own love effectively literally attracting into your life the essense of the true love you deserve.

Women are extraordinarily powerful yet they do not know it.

You can harness this power at any time however you have just simply forgotten it.  

The Awakening the Divine Feminine Guided Meditation Audio session simply, powerfully and effectively guides you through the whole of your body and your heart to reconnect to your deepest most yearnings for love and be able to open to receive from within.

Consequently the results experienced can be immediate.  Feeling lighter, clarified, inspired, feeling more fulfilled, energized and with an improved sense of self that allows for more love and intimacy through releasing pain and fear by opening to other levels of joy from within.

Ways in which women start to go out of balance are varied.

Awakening To The Divine Feminine Guided Meditation Audio may help you
if you are experiencing any of these common life difficulty symptoms to any degree:

feminine guided meditationEmotional distress and pain including sadness

feminine guided meditationAnxiety

feminine guided meditationFear

feminine guided meditationStress

feminine guided meditationDepression

feminine guided meditationFeeling lost

feminine guided meditationRestless

feminine guided meditationOngoing sense of discontent

feminine guided meditationInsecurities affecting your ability to function

feminine guided meditationLow self esteem

feminine guided meditationAnger

feminine guided meditationResentment

feminine guided meditationGrief

feminine guided meditationPanic attacks

…this is just a small range of common emotional imbalances that are related to your heart’s disconnection, it is also inclusive of whatever you are feeling.

How Do I Know I am ‘holding’ and How Do I Change That?

If you are not comfortable in yourself then you are definitely holding some type of tension in your body, mind, or emotions.

Allow yourself to sense what is happening for you.

Know also that you are willing to come inside and let go and feel your issue.

Your issue will resolve itself quite simply if you are ready and open to change.

Mental imbalances include:

feminine guided meditationChronic over stimulation of thought, leading to inability to focus and direct your thoughts easily to create desired outcomes without major stress.

feminine guided meditationInability to be coherent with your thoughts and feeling scattered all or some of the time.

feminine guided meditationLoss of clarity which results in inability to know what direction needs to be taken.

feminine guided meditationFeeling overwhelmed and overloaded by how much you have to do.

feminine guided meditationPutting pressure on yourself so intensely that you are unable to relax and enjoy yourself any more and life feels just like work all of the time.

feminine guided meditationNot knowing how to make space for yourself any more, loss of pleasure in your life.

Physical imbalances of heart disconnection that manifest often include:

feminine guided meditationHormonal imbalances that no matter what you do cannot be resolved affecting your way of life.

feminine guided meditationInfertility.

feminine guided meditationPeriod pain.

feminine guided meditationUnpleasant menopausal side effects.

feminine guided meditationLoss of sexual desire.

feminine guided meditationHeadaches, aches and pain in your body

feminine guided meditationIn chronic cases… disease.

feminine guided meditationChronic fatigue.

feminine guided meditationPremature aging.

When you as a women hold onto tension in your body then at some point the body will experience stress and manifest some type of dis-ease.

Women have forgotten the power of relaxing and simply allowing your energy to flow from within the space of doing nothing.

When you make space for reconnecting with your heart the potential for healing is unlimited.

Disease particularly for women starts from feeling unloved and unsupported on some level from within.

Relationship imbalances which can affect the quality of how we relate to our partners if we have one, and that same relationship with our hearts can even stop us from allowing a partner to come into our life altogether.

This may manifest a common life theme of feeling continuously lonely and craving more love whether within your relationship or feeling desperate in an attempt to get one.

If you feel angry at your partner or men in general, or resentful, if you feel insecure, unable to open to your partner or a partner sexually, suffered sexual abuse or feel self conscious of your body and ashamed or fearful of intimacy then it is time to realise that shift is possible to awaken and open to more loving place within yourself.

This allows for more space for deeper intimacy with a partner and opening to attracting a partner without effort and waiting a long time.

The love you are yearning for is possible to receive however it is up to you to transform your reality around your own heart.

Financial Imbalances

…come from feeling constant lack that their isn’t enough money to survive or constant worry that you will loose what you already have.

This will place you always in stress of not having enough, whether money, or time for yourself.

Constantly worrying about the future and expecting the worst outcome.

This manifests as a lack of positivity. A disconnect from the sense of life abundance, very rarely ever feeling safe, secure and relaxed enough to enjoy yourself.

Work Issues

…that come from feeling constant stress of feeling disconnected from your work and not feeling fulfilled in your life’s purpose.

Are you unable to accept change and staying stuck in a situation that you know is not good for you?

Are you being harassed or bullied at work?

Do you experience low self esteem stopping you from opening to change by looking for new work opportunities thus allowing the success you desire to come into your life?

Do you wish to change your whole life path however you feel powerless to do so?

Realise this… change is absolutely possible, however we must first come to feel ourselves willingly before we can change anything outside of ourself.

This is the key.

Spiritual Imbalances

…that come from no longer feeling into our hearts and being honest with our self and others as to the truth of what is really arising.

Do you feel you ignore what you feel drawn to and attracted to experience in this lifetime?

Do you let your fear get in the way and do you ignore your deeper insights and guidance which would allow you to fully realise your full potential?

Your inner feminine heart based spirit is guiding you all the time.

If  you consciously do not open to listen and feel into this deeper space within then you are unable to fully accept the wisdom that is presented to you which may radically alter your life path bringing you fully into the light and joy which is your life.

If you feel as if you life is nothing but struggle then you are not listening to yourself and your true inner guidance.

You are not being honest with yourself yet to be able see another path before you that will become a true reflection of your joyous creative flow.

Using the Awakening the Divine Feminine Guided Meditation Audio… This is ALL absolutely possible.

Awakening To The Divine Feminine Guided Meditation covers in depth the major issues presenting for women today.

It will support you to:

Heal deep emotional wounds and past trauma gently, effectively and releasing the struggle from within you allowing you lighten up to feel emotional well-being and joy which in turn creates stability in how you experience yourself and your emotions.  Often you will feel stronger, more centred, more connected to life and able to go with flow emotionally without fear.

Learn to let go and let in and be with what is.  When you do naturally there can no longer be resistance.  No resistance means no pain and suffering.  When you know how to support yourself emotionally you will eradicate the sense of loneliness and insecurities of not being good enough right to the core.

Awakening the Divine Feminine Guided Meditation Audio will help you be your empowered, open self and live confidently in your new found vulnerability.

Heal mental imbalances by learning to quieten and soften the mind, reducing and letting go of excessive thoughts and pressure that you put upon yourself. You will naturally find the time and space you need to reconnect with yourself.

Learn that you can change the quality of your thoughts and how you see and relate to yourself.

Finally relax and bring pleasure back into your life, realising you can put yourself first and have your needs met.

Feel the peace of mind that comes when we simplify our life and clear your inner clutter.  This allows for greater natural clarity, focus including the ability to get tasks done effortlessly without struggle.

Physical imbalances may resolve themselves naturally and organically through self inquiry we you where you have been holding and are able to release tension resulting in improved flow of energy throughout the body. This new you supports natural regeneration, healing and revitalization on all levels.  Get your energy back, increase your sexual desire, balance those hormones, reduce abdominal pain.

Learn to be open to supporting your body in being receptive to fertility in a whole new way in a language the body understands – love.

When you relax and love your self wholly your body becomes more receptive and able to attract to us the full health and wholeness we desire.  You are able to fully manifest as a completely empowered healthy human being if you are open to our flow.

I know you have experienced this before… we all have… When you flow you are happy and healthy. Think of a time when you were first in love or some treasured experience you had in the past.  This being in flow is natural healing in its simplest form starting from within the core of your own being.  It may replace the outside practices of creating better health. In time it is being recognised that it is the compliment we need to create personal wholistic health.

When your inner and outer meet harmony resides from being connected to the whole.  You are able to make that link to what may have been blocking you all along. The discovery of your self and being responsible for what is residing within you at a deeper level than what is just on the surface.  This discovery can bring about balance and wholeness in your life allowing you to see the difference it really makes.

As an ongoing result of heart opening self love relationship imbalances often dramatically improve.

Empowered you may want to close the gap on distant relationships.

You will be open to communicating more effectively your needs.

You will learn to love yourself and acknowledge who you truly are.

You will naturally and gently release insecurities.

You will with empathy heal old pains and open to more trust in love by becoming more receptive in your feminine.

You will learning to soften, let go, surrender and open to the yearning in your heart by feeling your love within.  This will allow your radiance and attractiveness to increase supporting manifesting bringing the love into your life in the way you truly want it.

Yes, you can have more deep and meaningful relationships in your life if you are willing to be honest with your self as to what you really want.

You will move past insecurities and fear by building confidence in being in your heart.

You will learn to stay present in your heart and feel the love that is always their for your own support, nurturing and nourishment.  This is about trusting your heart again.

Financial imbalance and work issues will often dissolve when we allow our hearts to open change becomes more accessible and we often feel into the abundant flow of energy within ourselves which in turn will attract new opportunities which open us up to receiving what we really need to live simply and easily.  Yes, you can change your job and improve your bank balance just through opening your heart.

When you open your heart then you open to connecting with your Spirit.  This is all the guidance and wisdom that you will ever need right here right now totally available for you whenever you need it.  No need to ever go outside to look for answers again.  Truly the potential of the human spirit is amazing and nothing less than full enlightenment.  In essence being fully aware and conscious to all of what you truly are.  Beyond your perceptions of self limitations and open to the full realization that you are unlimited and connected to all there is.  This is full Divine Communion.  This is a simply and natural process, you let go of what you are not then what is left is just who you really are.

Awakening the Divine Feminine Guided Meditation Audio will allow you to let go, nurture and nourish yourself through opening you to your deepest heart again.  You will feel the full potency of the essence of love allowing this flow through your being totally and fully so you surrender to your deepest yearning and allow the current of love to transform your life on every level.

What you ask for can finally manifest, as love is all there is and when we love we are in touch with the source and from there you are unlimited.  Your Heart is the key you have been looking for.  Awakening the Divine Feminine Guided Meditation Audio is the key that can unlock your full potential.  You will fall in love with yourself all over again, realise your innocence, softness, receptivity, and how radiating as love is your greatest gift in experiencing your empowerment as a woman and to all of those around you.  This is where you can receive all the love you have yearned for.

Enjoy your Radiant Heart.

In Gratitude
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