Connecting To Your Intuition 101 – Solve Life Issues Intuitively

Connecting to your intuition – Learn how to connect to your intuition simply and easily…connecting to your intuition 101

One of the most commonly asked questions I am asked is…
“How did you become psychic?”.

Often people are very curious about what is intuition
and how to tap into their intuition more.

This 1 hour guided audio will tell you about
Connecting To Your Intuition
..and how to use it in your own life

Deep down you recognise on some level that you have
access to an experience of an inner – knowing.

You yearn to know more and may wonder
what is intuition? within that.

There are several keys I will share with you…

  • What Often Blocks Us From Connecting Is Our Fear!
  • We no longer trust what we feel when it arises.
  • We have been conditioned to “tune out” from ourselves
    rather than to “tune in”

Guidance or intuition comes in many forms…
Intuition is not limited to just one expression!

Our bodies are very sensitive
and give us enormous feedback.

Vulnerability goes hand in hand with what is intuition.
Staying open is key to intuitive talent

Feel into your inner sense by being still in the moment

So relax…
Let go of the outside…
And come within…

If you have ever really wanted to connect deeply to
your intuition and then use that inner ability to help
you in your life…

I present to you… Connecting To Your Intuition 101
a targeted audio meditation to assist you in
the development of your intuition.

Just by listening to it you will learn…

  • what blocks our sensing of intuition
  • how to detect your intuition
  • how to ask appropriate questions
  • how to receive and understand answers

By using this audio you will discover how to sensitise your reception

So you may wonder… who am I?
I am Kristine, a psychic intuitive healer
of over 20 years experience.

I have been tuned into intuition since I was born
and used it effectively to help thousands of people
the world over.

I would like to offer you the chance of learning that
intuitive skill for yourself so you can use it to solve
your daily life issues and help others too!

Your new intuitive ability will offer you peace of
mind… as you can find answers on your own easily
and simply by tuning in!

…and you get some often needed time out for you
when you listen in!

In all honesty when I first offered this product I had no idea how to price
something like this.

A friend pointed out that other products online like this cost over $100 on some sites &
he found one for $197!! which to me seems too much!

I am offering this intuition meditative audio for just $29.00

For this price you get my mp3 audio Connecting To Your Intuition 101 downloaded directly to your
computer so you can start tuning into your intuition today.

Just below is the link to buy this product.

Click add to cart and pay securely with your credit card
or paypal account for instant access…


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