How Does Spirituality Fit Into A Busy Life, And What Benefits Will I Get From It?

how does spirituality fit into a busy life?

How does spirituality fit into a busy life, and what benefits will I get from it? “Spirituality” is often a very confusing term for many people. Most of us are really not clear on what this really means, nor have we ever really had a direct Continue Reading …

Giles – Los Angeles – California USA

Kristine, Thank you so much for our session yesterday. Aside from being more open, connected and and generally lighter, I've found myself referencing our session. I get an e-mail like the one below daily. General positive reminders. I found Continue Reading …

Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock Full Length Video

source field investigations

Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies   I recently posted a David Wilcock video on Personal Spiritual Development here that was very well received by my newsletter subscribers list Continue Reading …

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