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Psychic Readings: Discover Your Path To A Fulfilled Life

Psychic readings are a time trusted method to find true happiness and a clear path in life.

Welcome… Are you interested in finding your true love, or a better way to relate in your current relationship or maybe you are eager to work out some pressing life issue?

You have come to the right place for professional psychic services.

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My name is Kristine and I am ready to serve you with readings trusted by the world community since 1991.

If you are ready to face with an open heart situations that we all experience:


  • unhappy in your current relationship?
  • searching for a ‘true love’ relationship?
  • is your current relationship is good for you?
  • wondering why you are afraid to love?
  • are you asking, “where has my sexual energy gone?”
  • are you wondering, “why does my partner not understand me?”
  • moving through hard life issues?
  • feeling like you are in emotional distress?
  • feeling like your life is at a cross roads?
  • facing a stressful health issue?
  • facing hard financial issues?
  • facing a career change or issues at work?
  • experiencing abuse or victimization?
  • are you asking,”why has my relationship broken down?”
  • are you wondering,”why am I so lonely?”
  • are you experiencing confusion in daily life?
  • are you dealing with grief or loss?
  • are you wondering… “why can’t I get the break I need?”
  • are you feeling its time for spiritual growth?

If you are ready to understand situations like these happening in your life then that is what I am here for, to help you to gently open your heart and soul and grow easily.

Here is a video I made to explain how I serve you personally in a session…

real psychic readingsI am often booked in advance.

Contact me to discuss spaces available for people like you whom are serious about personal growth.


Psychic Reading Testimonials

  • Rose D, Byron Bay

    After years of feeling hollow, sad and sometimes depressed I felt the need for some guidance so I asked for someone to come to me. I was referred to see Kristine by a friend who told me how great she was in her field as an Intuitive Healer. I immediately felt safe and comfortable with Kristine as she began to share with me how the session would go. I was scared a little at what would come up but also excited to hear what she had to say. I was overwhelmed at how much she knew about me without me telling her anything.  Kristine was so spot on with how my  life up till now has been and gave me really good tools to use to go out in the world and make my life a happier place to exist in. Since seeing Kristine I feel so much calmer and happier within myself and able to take on lifes hurdles so much easier than I had done so before.

  • LF – Victoria – Australia

    Kristine’s are accurate and I love her honesty and forthrightness. Her counselling skills are invaluable for those going through periods of change and turbulence.

  • M McAuley

    Kristine is the most inspiring person I have ever had a reading from.  As sometimes happens, my ‘state of flux’ on some issues got sorted once I had asked for help. So that’s all cool, but just love what she has to say anyway!

  • TB Perth WA

    ” I utilise various modalities to continually assess my level of effectiveness. Kristine is one such source. ‘Clarity and Insight’ this is what she provides. I have a least one reading each year. Kristine builds rapport quickly, asked clever questions to draw more out and put things ‘on the table’ in a way that you are more willing to look at and process. Kristine also approximately shares her personal stories during the session. This I believe adds value to the stages of Awareness and Acceptance. Kristine is the real deal,is clean, straight and respectful with what she offers up.

  • K – USA

    ” My Readings with Kristine have been helpful and supportive. I’ve listened to the recordings many times and feel again and again how affirming they are to my already unfolding path. Kristine is very “Now” focused and I appreciate that. She is very kind and loving. “

  • JHS – Byron Bay – Australia

    ” Thank you so much for today… I can’t even tell u how deep a shift i have felt already. Within that first ten minutes I was very uncomfortable… until i let go. And what unfolded was as authentic as it gets. You are truly incredible. To take me to such a deeply hidden place which i keep so well guarded – so quickly. With a respectful domination of sorts. To allow me to drop it. And not allow me not to. Thank you – from deep inside myself. From the part that wants to see more light. She sends you gratitude with magnitude! Much love… i’m know i’ll be in touch again – i already want to refer you to every single person I love x JHS – Byron Bay – Australia “

  • Giles – Los Angeles – California USA

    Thank you so much for our session yesterday. Aside from being more open, connected and and generally lighter, I’ve found myself referencing our session.

    I get an e-mail like the one below daily. General positive reminders. I found today’s message particularly timely and relevant.

    With warm regards and tremendous gratitude,

    Subject: Today’s Gift – 03/15/2012
    Reply-To: TodaysGift@——.info

    Today’s thought from Hazelden is:

    What we lack are not scientists but poets and people to reveal to the heart what the heart is ready to receive.
    –Joseph Campbell

Read more testimonials by clicking here

… join my numerous happy clients!

professional psychic readingsA special hint for you… If you choose to sign up to my newsletters when you make your reading session enquiry today you will get subscriber session pricing which is $50 AUD off casual session pricing. In reality this means I give you $50 AUD just for joining my newsletters!

Now you may be wondering why I would give that much off for joining?

Think of it this way… I get to email you special subscriber pricing for sessions, relaxing guided audio or book specials and notifications of new and interesting information all about consciousness and living easily that I feel will help you on your path to enlightenment.

My purpose is to help you on the path to true fulfilling love and happiness as others have helped me!

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Other Session Details

Psychic readings sessions are available for any timezone no matter where you are in the world.

  • Reading sessions are conducted via land line telephone or Skype.
  • Skype is often preferred as we meet face to face on video.
  • Telephone readings work just the same although you can’t see me or I you.
  • Reading sessions are recorded to Mp3 Audio and sent via email afterwards
  • Sessions average over 1 hour in length according to need.
  • Sessions can be booked singularly or in multiples for support during intense life transitions

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